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Charlie the cat enjoying the outdoor smells.

That's a [House] Wrap!

As I'd eluded in a post earlier this summer, we had some major home projects completed this year. As of the end of October, 2020, they're all functionally complete. We only await the delivery and installation of a few missing pieces of window jamb extensions and casing, and a "rainy day" for the contractor to spend a couple quick hours installing.

It's a good place to be from, and has made a huge difference overall. Roofing, insulation, windows, and siding: we basically have an entirely new house from the outside/exterior. All started because of a hailstorm in July, 2019. I mean, if there's any reason to do a major insulation and window replacement job, it might as well be at the same time one replaces roofing and siding.

How it started | How it was | How it wound up
How it started | How it was | How it wound up

I intend to write separate posts about the insulation project and its nuances/adventures, and about the unscientific energy savings/calculations for the fall/early winter 2020. But I will note that the combination of the windows, Tyvek, and insulation has so far made a huge difference in the overall comfort and feel within the house. No more drafts, and no more participating in the time-honored Minnesota fall/winter tradition of installing window film.

The cats are definitely enjoying their newfound breezes (see headline photo), as are we. Prior to the window replacement, only about a third of the 75-year-old windows were operable...most having been caulked and painted/sealed shut many, many years before we bought the place. Simply being able to have some airflow through the house (in places we didn't previously) has been amazing. Springtime will be great for us all!

Headline photo © Matt Zaske